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Looking into the Future:

Simply put, we are a consulting consortium for college athletics. We are a group of individuals who have extensive, unique and shared experiences and care deeply about the significant and positive impact that intercollegiate athletes can have on the lives of young people.

Our Hands, LLC was formed to provide collegiate athletic programs with consultative services aimed at helping organization improve institutional control while eliminating the areas of liability that can damage an athletic program or coaching staff.

These areas of liability, or “slash” as we like to call it, can be controlled or in most cases eliminated all together if an athletic program is committed to being more efficient, effective and compliant.

Our Hands is made up of a team of experts with over fifty years of combined experience within the areas of collegiate athletic administration, legal service, coaching, NCAA supervision and athlete health management.

Learning from the Past:

In 1910, more than a thousand fires burned together in Idaho and Montana to consume three million acres of timber and kill at least 85 people, most of whom were firefighters. The catastrophe – one of the largest, if not the largest forest fire in recorded history – resulted in Congress appropriating money for fire suppression by the U.S. Forest Service in the national forests. Congress had set aside the national forests in the 1890s to guarantee a timber supply and for other uses. Aggressive fire suppression became national policy for the next 80 years.

As the logging and milling became a mainstay of the economy, fire was measured in its impact on business. Logging operations left behind waste, called slash or slashings. Timberland owners burned slash to prevent it from becoming fuel for fires that could endanger virgin stands of timber. Many fires resulted from slash fires that got out of control. So, to protect the timber resource, man state laws require loggers to burn or remove their slash safely. To reinforce the requirement, loggers were liable for fires that got out of control.