My biases are clear and my intentions are obvious, but my medium to deliver my thoughts are limited in scope and possibly limited in influence. Gary Barnett is my fatherr my mentor, and my best friend. He has been assaulted, both personally as well as professionally, by a certain District Attorney in Boulder and I am deeply offended by these unfounded attacks. This District AttorneYJ unlike myself and many other people who know the real Gary Barnett, has the media-accessibility and the power to reach many people and influence their thoughts as well as their perceptions. To use a position of power as a forum for one to express their own personal opinions and biases and to limit the disclosure of certain "facts" to those which support her own view, while failing to present facts providing othenvise, is irresponsible, unethical, and an abuse of such power. Knowing that the only information available to the public in regard to these matters is limited to the media, this clearly opportunistic District Attorney has taken it upon herself to attempt to further her own personal goals and press upon the public her personal opinions. This situation dearly demonstrates that media-accessibility and name recognition determine what information is revealed to the public. This information, regardless of its accuracy, essentially forms the basis of the opinions of the public and allows those in the "public eyett to manipulate the views of the people,

It is not my intention to address the facts of the situation or to attack the credibility of the aforementioned District Attorney in respect to her professional career; nor do I encourage or even condone acts of sexual assault. Rather, the purpose of this letter is to merely act as a much-needed and much-deserved voice of many Gary Barnett supporters who are limited in their capability of publicly supporting him. This letter may seem, to the cynical eye, to be a completely biased opinion or the expressions of a native son sheltered from reality; and because of the apparent biases, I fear that, by writing this letter, I will not be able to sufficiently shed light on the true character and integrity of my father and can only encourage the public to give him the benefit of the doubt until all the facts have been resolved.

Yes, Gary Barnett is my father. It is also true that I would do anything within my power to protect his integrity and well-deserved reputation asa coach, a father, and a mentor to many student-athletes. If that is unduly biased, so be it. Although the fact that he is my father may show bias, it also shows that I know him better than just about anyone (with the obvious exceptions of my mother, my sister, and to some extent - his players). Anyone who knows him is aware that academics come before football. In fact, I was encouraged to terminate my football "career" (and I use the term "career" extremely lightly) in order concentrate on academics in college; and if you ask any of his players what happened if they missed classJ tutor sessionsr or study lounge you will be thoroughly convinced as to his commitment to education. To say that he is not concerned with academics would be completely unfounded, and in my own personal opinion, humorous.

Although the sanctity of the family is of utmost importance to him, it comes outside the scope of this letter. Ny father has been attacked in regard to his personal integrity and accountability. Much like someone attacking his commitment to education, I find an attack on his integrity and accountability unfounded; however, I do not find it humorous, I have never in my life met a man so committed to doing what is right and respecting others. Look for someone who preaches respect for women and you will find my father. Look for someone who despises discrimination, in any manner, and you will find my father. r'1ore importantly, look for someone who incessantly advocates accountability and you will find my father. Ny point here, 'Nithout getting into detail or submitting actual evidence, is that the man being attacked is being portrayed as someone he is not. If I had any doubt as to the integrity of his motivationsr I would keep my thoughts to myself. However, because I know my father, and I know with absolute certainty that he would not promoteJ encourage, or even condone any action that would be even slightly degrading to women I feel it is necessary to give this very limited view into my father's ideals.

If you, as a reader, determine that this letter is unduly biased, insincere, or otherwise lacking in credibility, I ask of you, if you take nothing else from it, let it be that information reported from a person using the media as their own personal pedestal may not reflect the true facts and to encourage you to take in the facts of the story, from both sides, before making a determination as to the truth or falsity of what is being proffered, especially when a mans character and Integrity are at issue.