To: Office of the President, University of Colorado

Subject: Gary Barnett


On November 14, 2005 I sent a letter to Mike Bohn as a testimony to the integrity of Gary Barnett, and urged him to renew his contract. I was extremely disappointed that receipt of my letter has not acknowledged. I have attached a copy of the letter to this email.

As an educator of young adults, I am urging you to model for this generation integrity and honesty against the vilified witch hunt of the media. Young students today rely more and more on the media for their role models, for guidance in interpersonal behaviors, and its subliminal messages that lying and character degradation are permissible - no wonder bullying has increased ten fold in our schools.

If Ward Churchill can continue to call himself an educator under the guise of the First Amendment, then I urge you to represent true freedoms for the sake of integrity and send a message to young adults that character assassination is not permissible. If I can provide additional information regardimg my letter, please contact me at 303-387-1350 or

Mary Murphy
Language Arts Teacher
Castle Rock Middle School
Castle Rock, Colorado