Dear Coach Barnett:

As a young person, I was an eyewitness in Nornan, Oklahoma, at Owen Field to the graceful coaching and success of Bud Wilkinson. (I used to watch Eddie Crowder among many others.)

As a college student, graduate student and young adult, I was an attendee at Pauley Pavilion for the disciplined, thorough, elegant coaching of John Wooden. (In fact, I am introducing my friend Coach Wooden at the Los Angeles Central Library on December 8th.)

To those two long stages of my sports enthusiasm, I have now been able to add a third stage- your skillful, conscientious and resourceful coaching at Colorado. Folsom Field in Boulder now rates in my mind with Owen Field in Nornan and Pauley Pavilion in Westwood as shrines in my following of college athletics.

I have experienced no better sports moments that I have experienced at Folsom Field as a season ticket holder.

I wish you and the team every good fortune in the game on Saturday night in Kansas City.

John F. Cooke

P.S. I applaud you for recruiting first-rate kickers this season. I have always believed that football coaching is enhanced with a superb kicking arsenal.